Holly (ravensock) wrote,

So let go, let go~

1.) What kind of music do you like? Why?
A little bit of everything. I love bands and singers whose lyrics mean something, carry something with them. I love music that soars, that beats, that courses through you. Or floats over you, carries you away with it.

2.) Do you ever feel it's necessary to hurt other people? Why/why not?
Not unless you have a profound reason.

3.) What makes you smile?
A large amount of things. From something amusing being said, to warm memory recalls, to Ian.

4.) What are your goals? Why?

Most of them are private. I don't know why, maybe a security thing, to stop people making fun of them, disparaging them, or laughing at them. And in case they fail.

5.) Do you hate anyone? Why/why not?

I reserve my hate for those few who've really pissed me off during the years, or strangers who are cruel.

6.) What makes you cry?
Profound moments, or sadness, whether mine or other people's.

7.) When was the last time you felt beautiful? Why'd you feel that way?
I've only ever had moments where I could hope I felt beautiful.

8.) What are your opinions on sex?

It's fun, it's amusing, it's sensational, it's adventurous, and I love feeling free with it.

9.) How 'bout religion?

I don't like organised religions, they warp the ethics. I usually agree with a lot of the root ethics, but they're usually common sense to me.

10.) What is safe?
Wrapped in under the duvet. Holding hands. Being protected in a hug.

11.) What's the most important thing to you? Why?
Me. I think that is obvious.

12.) Are you happy?
As much as I can be.

13.) What's your worst fear? Why?
The dark. Because.

14.) What fufills you?
Happy days, warm memories, laughter, a grand day out.

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