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2009 First Line Meme

After failing to do this meme for several years now, I have decided upon 2009 to be the year. The meme, if you are unaware, is to post the first line of each entry from each month of the year. Prepare to be disappointed at my lack of interesting things to say:


January:    These are the words to a favourite song: http://vnvnation.com/Webfiles/lyrics/illusion.htm

February:    "You'll have to let me know your preferred medium..."

March:        -none-

April:        "Live a second as a lifetime

May:        I love him.

June:        Have decided Event Horizon is too scary, and it is too much like its Hellraiser forebearers... *weep*~

July:        -none-

August:        For now, this is a summer of discontent. Of my own personal failures.

September:    Getting somewhere, doing things. Autumn often auspicious time for ability to work.

October:    Discovered that reading other people's interpretations of fantasy and romance literature frustrates me.

November:    A friend of mine posted his Musical Recommendations in a recent blog post.

December:    1.) What kind of music do you like? Why?

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