Musical Recommendations

A friend of mine posted his Musical Recommendations in a recent blog post. These were albums he liked, loved, and couldn't live without. This made me consider my own collection. These are albums that I constantly find myself revisiting, whether for comfort, energy, inspiration, happiness, or... any reason really.

Clint Mansell - The Fountain

Darren Hayes - any albums

Muse - Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations

VNV Nation - any albums

Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

Symphony X - Paradise Lost

Hans Zimmer - Black Hawk Down

Massive Attack - Danny the Dog

Tania Opland, Anne McCaffrey, et al - Masterharper of Pern

It's actually very hard. I look at the CDs and MP3s and I realise that there are a lot more songs that I couldn't live without, but not the rest of the albums they come from. Songs like White Christmas by Bing Crosby, The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, Temple of Love by Sisters of Mercy, Your Shameful Heaven by My Dying Bride, Benighted by Opeth, various Tom Waits tracks, Disappearing World by David Gray, many a track by Blind Guardian, songs such as Basement King (otherwise known as Legend of Steel) by Luca Turilli, acts like The Prodigy, or Marilyn Manson, and bands such as Motley Crue, Meatloaf and Queen... obviously Queen. But 'albums' is hard, because they have to be fully rounded entertainment. So those were mine, so far, and that I can think of today.
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Discovered that reading other people's interpretations of fantasy and romance literature frustrates me. Looks like the next three years are gonna be fun. Now where did I put that £400?
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Polanski Nonsense.

All this fuss about Polanski. To be frank: he should serve the alloted prison sentence due his crime. Face the music. Because he is famous, he cannot be touched by the law? This is outrageous. An 'ordinary' perpetrator of this crime would face a media circus spewing filth in his direction and very little sympathy. I have no interest in his films and the legacy that they have, his intellectual 'genius' should have no standing against justice and the law, of what little justice and law there is left.

Dominic Lawson probably has it right: "I do not deny his genius, nor his contribution to cinematic art; but I also share the view expressed by the historian Lord Acton that "if we may debase the currency [of the moral code] for the sake of genius, or success, or rank, or reputation... then it serves where it ought to reign. If that means nothing to Polanski's defenders among the literati, let them think of this: if it were their 13-year-old daughter who had been drugged and sodomised, would they still feel that the perpetrator was in fact the victim?"

Headers and Footers of a Day

 I was going to write about how I have been feeling lately, and what a shit week I have had (although as Ian and I both commented, it didn't involve dead people, and I wasn't on fire). Instead, I created a new header for this journal o' mine using a peculiar poloraid programme that a livejournal friend mentioned. The photographs used, from left to right, are: October 2007, Winter 2007, May 2008 and June 2009. It entertains me and is more representative of me (obviously) than any previous header I have ever created for any online journal ever. Hooray!
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Getting somewhere, doing things. Autumn often auspicious time for ability to work. Usually buggers off again, so not holding out hope.
Recent news: read Twilight, didn't hate it. Don't think it is deserving of the hatred spewed at it, then again, not exactly fond of the overexcited fangirlyness that it does inspire. Nevertheless. Hurt leg badly at work, recovering slowly. Muscles are a pain. Literally.
Boyfriend is snoring next to me. It's not late, but all I want is to be snoozing and snuggled with him. Will go and shower the leg and then hobble back downstairs for sleepytime. Bath is not as bad as it was, slowly beginning to come around to living here. Miss my friends in Clevedon, but 100% glad to be back out of the family home. New Muse album today, as I refused to steal the leaked copy online. Impressed and not impressed, as always. Still my favourite band, although VNV Nation creep up there slowly but steadily. Life is pretty good at the moment, hope nothing changes. Just need more money for the work I do, and less money spent on rent. Simples.
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Oh bollocks.

For now, this is a summer of discontent. Of my own personal failures.
But, I am supported. This ache of hatred is seeable only in brief private flares.
I have two attainable goals.
Neither are becoming unstuck from their ruts.
I am frustrated. I am confused.
There are lazy, obvious, and very good reasons however: falling in love, living with close friends, and working in an involving environment.
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